Archery is a practice where bows are used to shoot arrows on a target. Historically archery has been practiced as a tool to combat. It had also been used as a weapon for hunting. But over the years it has taken shape of an outdoor sport activity. Thus being an outdoor sport activity it involves physical movements. Due to the physical movements involved in the game it is helpful in burning the extra calories from the body. The extra calories which are the result of the unburned carbohydrates in the body can cause serious damage to the health of the person. Excess of the calories in the body can cause fatal diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Archery as an exercise to burn body calories

Archery as a sport is outdoor in nature which ensures body movements. The main cause of the high calories in the body is the inactive lifestyle and erratic food habits. Thus being an outdoor sport it adds activity to the regular life which is otherwise devoid of any physical movements. Once the physical activity increases the metabolism rate of the body goes higher. Once the metabolism rate of the body is high it requires more available biomolecules to burn and generate energy. Thus when there is a deficiency of the regular energy in the body it starts burning the extra amount of calories in the body. Archery also involves lifting of the bow to shoot the arrow. This practice ensures strain on the muscles. The muscles are active cells therefore when they are subjected to strain they start using more energy. The muscles cells start burning of the extra amount of the calories in the body much rapidly than the other cells of the body. Thus archery can be useful in burning the extra calories in the body.

Apart from using archery as a tool to burn the extra calories in the body it can also be considered as a recreational activity. It also provides entertainment and thus can also be considered as a stress reliever. It also helps to keep a man in good shape. Thus archery is a sport that can be practiced regularly to ensure physical and mental fitness of a person.

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