Advantages Of Computed Radiiography

As today’s world is called as world of computer, every field and equipment is computerized. Computed Radiography is a modern and computerized image of radiography. There are ample advantages of computed radiography.

Computed Radiography (CR) uses alike equipment to conservative radiography. The major difference is that it uses an imaging plate instead of a film to create the image. However, the advantage of computed radiology is that it uses a computer scanner to read and digitize the image. Thus work becomes modern and effortless.

Software makes your job easier and accurate. The image produced can then be viewed and improved using software. This software’s functions are very comparable to conventional image-processing software, like brightness, contrast and zoom. New software takes less time.

The one major advantage of computed radiography is that imaging plates can be used over and again if they are used cautiously. It has also limits; handling under industrial conditions may result in damage of imaging plates but after a few hundred uses.

It’s very simple to re-use it. A technician should simply expose the plate to fluorescent light to erase the image. And after that the plate is ready for re-use. Within the software, the original data is kept secure and cannot be tampered with.

One remarkable advantage of computed radiography is that film or chemicals are not used. Instead of that a computer is used.

Image available through computed radiography is faster. Conventional radiography takes seven minutes and this can be done within one minute through computed radiography. These are the advantages of computed radiography.

By adjusting image brightness, one can examine a wide range of thicknesses in one shot. On the other hand, conventional radiography necessitates a diverse exposure occasion for each thickness in a component. Computed radiography thus needs less re-shots owing to under- or over-exposure.

Another advantage of computed radiography is that one can store images on disk or can transmit for off-site review.

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